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As a few incisions are made for each leg compared to the classical methods, the scar marks will not be notable too much. The surgical wounds are stitched with dissolvable sutures and covered with waterproof dressings. Nevertheless, the scar marks will fade away as time passes by, and will not be eyeful. Especially, our surgeon ties off stitches aesthetically.

Scar marks after a few months

Precice 2 scar marks after a few months

As any other surgery, there are always risks and complications that might occur. As long as the doctor applies the right technique, the hygienic environment is established at the hospital, and proper post-operative care is provided, the risks and the complications are preventable and treatable. As Wannabetaller Team, the first priority is always patients’ safety for us. Yet, every person has unique physiology and some unpredictable conditions might occur such as non bone union or slow bone union.

Less Complications

More Comfortable


Limb lengthening is not a simple procedure to go through. Considering broken bones and the recovery process, patients should spare a considerable amount of time for it. Notably, the first 3 months are a crucial period for patients in order to get through the process healthily as much as possible. The lengthening period needs to be observed closely by the doctor apart from the recovery, the functionality, and the health condition of the patient. Besides all these, patients must take a proper physiotherapy session from a physiotherapist who is well familiar with the post-operative process of limb lengthening. Patients desiring to have limb lengthening surgery need to stay here for at least 3/4 months by taking into account all these factors.

Accommodation + 3 meals/day

Personalized Physical Therapy

X-rays, Tests & Examinations, Medications

Psychologic Counselling Service (Twice a month)

Dietitian Services (Twice a month)

All inclusive: 4,550 $ 3,580 $/ per month
(3 month-package: 10,540$)

İbarhim Alğan
The Founder
2-time leg-lengthening surgery

I had my first surgery when I was 24 years old, and when I was sure that there is no other solution to getting tall than surgery.

The First Limb Lengthening Surgery Center

Wanna Be Taller Team is mainly consist of people who underwent limb lengthening surgery themselves. Our team includes a surgeon who successfully performs limb lengthening surgery in Turkey and prioritize helping individuals in living a full, healthy life free of anxieties.

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Our Services

Limb Lengthening Surgery Services

Personalized Patient Consultation

Personalized Patient Consultation

You can contact us via Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber and get FREE consultation service, extensive information about whole process and services.

Making a Decision and Reservation Process

Making a Decision and Reservation Process

After acquiring all information, you can decide the details of your surgery, whether you are going to stay in Turkey for the duration of treatment or return home after a brief hospital stay.

Visa Application

Visa Application

Patients must apply for a visa/e-visa before coming to Turkey. Applications are usually made online or from embassies.

Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance

Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance

This is the first health insurance that is prepared for patients from abroad who come to Turkey for health tourism to cover the patient’s complication expenses after the limb lengthening surgery if it happens.

Preparing for Your Visit to Turkey

Preparing for Your Visit to Turkey

It is very important to obtain information about what kind of document you need to enter Turkey.

Pre-Operative Examination and Surgery

Pre-Operative Examination and Surgery

Our staff will wait for you at the airport. Once you arrive, you will be taken to a quality hotel where you can enjoy a comfortable and high-standard stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about leg lengthening surgery for you. Here are the common queries and their detailed answers.

The current prices is $47,850 for the PRECICE 2.2, Precice Stryde (We can’t give the price for the Stryde method because its production has been stopped).

Although limb lengthening surgery is relatively safe, it has its own unique set of unpredictable risks and potential complications, much like every invasive procedure. Contact with our patient consultant for more detailed information.

Height is gained by distracting the cut bone, which creates new bone tissue and causes the bone to expand in length. The basic concept is to break the bone surgically (osteotomy) and then progressively extend (distract) it using an internal or external fixation device.

The advantages of increased height are apparent across various domains. If one believes that added height enhances self-confidence, clears mental hurdles, and ultimately leads to a heightened sense of well-being, then limb lengthening surgery might be a consideration.

Limb lengthening surgery hurts to have the nails embedded in and to have the bones fractured surgically, however, you will be prescribed painkillers to ease your pain. Fractured bones, cut muscles, and severed soft tissues all cause pain.

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Our expert team with 28+ members.

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İbrahim Alğan

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Yunus Öç

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